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See How We're Easily Creating New Video Content With AI & Generating Leads At $3.89 A Lead On Cold Traffic 
(Without Dealing With Complex Video Production)
See How We're Easily Creating New Video Content With AI & Generating Leads at $3.89 A Lead On Cold Traffic 
(Without Dealing With Complex Video Production) 

Create New Videos & Content In 10 Minutes or Less.

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Before I begin creating AI POWER VIDEOS - I was struggling with creating video we could use in our content and ads.  Ad costs had spiked, organic reach was at 2% and falling, and my schedule was already full...but the simple problem was we still had to get in front of our audience in a way that actually converted leads & sales.

We know Video is king, but it took TOO MUCH TIME and too much work to make new videos constantly.  I knew A.I. was something to play with, but it wasn't a serious tool that I could use to represent our business...let alone our clients businesses.   

BUT...that has changed!

Now, instead of taking the time to record and edit long complicated videos, the first thing we do is create a small batch of super-short videos leveraging A.I.  

No camera. No production. No re-recording. No mistakes.  

As simple as writing an email...

These short videos help you get a small win right away, and they're super easy to make! Plus, while these videos are running...they're building your audience, we see exactly how your audience responds, so we're not guessing about what to do next.

You've created new video content, freed your time, built your audience, got more leads, and created momentum and each step was easy to do.

No complex editing or spending hours figuring it out.  Each step mapped out to get your new video content produced quick and easy.

The AI POWER Video Method is a step-by-step roadmap walking you through how to get video content and ads created in just a few minutes - and it's just $29.
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The AI Power Video Method Is A Shortcut Around...

Guessing Which AI Tools To Use

Getting In Front Of The Camera

Re-Recording & Mistakes

Long Copy Scripts or Ads

Complex Video Production

Rising Costs For Ads

Time Needed For More Videos

Wondering What's Working

Not Getting 
Enough Clients

Here's What This Means For You...

Make Content Fast

No need to spend weeks writing scripts, ads, or creating videos - we stack wins fast, and lead people to your products and services naturally.  

Build Your Audience

Every video you release introduces new people to your business, creates a larger "interested" audience, and builds a deeper connection - all without wasting time or money.  

Get More Customers

Videos are the perfect "introduction" to you, your business, and your products & services, positioning you as the best solution when they are ready to buy.

Clients all over the world have used our services to add revenue, add leads that fill their pipeline, and build audiences that are ready to take their next offer

We help our clients get more clients

Public Speaking



Skincare Products

Martial Arts

Business Coaching

Facebook Ads

Software As A Service (Saas)

Content Creation

Christian Authors

The Trades

Soap Making

Elder Law

Financial Services


AV Equipment

Real Estate

Software & App Development

IT Services

Government Services

Educational & Training


A.I. Services


Email Marketing

Travel Services

...and many more!

Ready to Get More Customers & Use AI To Create Your Content (And Avoid All The Complexity)? 

Here's Everything You're Getting 
For Only $29.00 Today
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AI Power Video Workshop

The Step-by-step videos show how to build AI Power Videos for your products and services.  No complex editing or software needed!   
Included With Your Order

Tool & Tech Made Simple

Get the specific tools, and how to videos, and QA checklists we use to create your AI Power Videos. Focus only on the tools you need to get results.  
Included With Your Order

Your Power Video Script

Jump in and use our Power Video script to get your first videos up and running fast. Fill in the blank template makes it as close to done for you as we can get.
Included With Your Order

60 Video Headlines 
In 60 Seconds

Use the same buying triggers we use to capture attention & demand turn those into winning ads. Solve the blank page for good! 
Included With Your Order

Guaranteed Engagement

We'll detail the same process we're using ourselves, and for our clients, using your Power Videos to get more clients.  A simple approach that delivers new leads and sales.
Included With Your Order

Client Only Community

Get access to a focused group client who are working together to grow, collaborate, and accelerate their progress.  

Get access directly on your computer, phone, or tablet and start implementing right away.
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 Frequently Asked Questions
Will I need a bunch of new software or tools? 
Nope!  We tell you which A.I. tools we use, and they all have free options.  We also cover which ones we recommend actually spending for, and which to ignore.  
Do you offer more in depth help?
Yes, that is something you will receive inside the course group you will get access to upon joining. Brandon and his team can answer any questions you may have. 

Who is this for?
This is for any business that wants to use video content to attract and convert more leads and sales, but doesn't want to be constantly creating, editing, and re-shooting videos.  

Once you sell product or services with video content, in ads, through your website, or even direct contact this method will work for you.  
I don’t have a big audience yet. Will this still work for me?
Many of our customers have started with zero following and used our process to get their first 5, 10, or 15 leads and sales within a few weeks. That being said, if you’re starting from scratch we recommend helping accelerate the process with some small amounts of ad spend. We'll show you how, and that will help get faster and easier results by building momentum. 

What is AI Power Videos Workshop?
AI Power Video Method is a fast action course designed to help get your your first AI created videos made and published.  It's a step-by-step system that takes you from "idea" to published in as little as 1 Day.
I’m not sure what to have recorded in my videos! Should I still join?
No worries. We’ll help you come up with topic ideas (or narrow down your topic ideas) and let you know what are the best video topics to begin with based on your business, your audience, and your goals.
How is this different than all the other stuff out there?
Other courses provide a list of tools or promise the all-in-one solution that fall short of delivering.  We don't do that. We are giving you what works, right now.  Every step, tool, and process we use, upfront and in full detail, for just $29 when you join today.
Is there a guarantee?
Yes, if for any reason you want your money back, just send us a message and we'll give you 100% of your money back plus let you keep access to your purchase.
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